Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Did You Have a Good Weekend?

"Yes and you?"

That's usually how Mondays...or in this case, Tuesday mornings are after the weekend. People around here ask the yes/no question of "Did you have a good weekend?" and I reply "yes and you?" although, I really don't care. My ass is just not chipper in the morning. Actually, I'm ANTI-MORNING. I don't come in singing "Good Morning" and kicking my heels. I slide in quietly, hoping to not say much to anybody until well after NOON. I sit quietly at my desk (which is around a corner, fully cubed off) hoping people don't even notice I'm here. I tense up when I hear certain footsteps or voices approaching my cube. Yes, it's that bad. (Pray for me). I'm fully awake and up & at em by 5pm, when it's time to LEAVE. Other than that, I need folks to kick rocks. Now, there ARE a couple people I don't mind chatting with throughout the day. They're cool peeps...but other than that, beat it!
Also, must people be so loud in the office? If you're trying to be funny by being loud and "extra", but nobody is finding it funny, then you should probably lay off before you get cursed out.
Here is my ode to the office cube:

Enough about offices... for anyone who cares, I did have a good weekend.

Friday, I went to a step show to kick off the Detroit Football Classic weekend. Saturday, I went Targeting and Sam's Clubbing. It was damp and ugly Saturday, so that's pretty much all I did. Sunday, I went to Arts, Beats & Eats for some jazz and good eats. Monday, I went to the Detroit Jazz Festival and had a heavenly Funnel Cake.

So that is the recap of my weekend.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Almost the Weekend

It's 10 pm and I should be blow-drying my hair. Instead I'm BLOGGING (about nothing)! I still have yet to clean my cats' shit boxes. See dareal, I told you you could blog about nothing in particular...ha!

Anyway, this weekend should be pretty eventful. I'm going to try to take pictures of my whereabouts. This weekend is the Detroit Football Classic and there are a lot of events surrounding this one. Friday, my mother & I are going to the annual step show. Friday also marks the start of the Detroit Jazz Festival. It's always a good time. I'll especially take pictures there. That'd be some good photography.

Umm, yeah, I think tha's all I have for now.

Monday, August 28, 2006


So, today, in my favorite net spot, C+D, we are discussing lacefronts.

I have been inspired to post pictures of myself wearing misc wigs & weaves...

This is me au natural:

This is me with extensions:

Here is the wig:

Here is my quickweave:

And here is one of my ponytails:

I don't really want a sermon on natural hair, I'm all for it and wear mine often...I just like versatility from time-to-time, too.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Detroit: Super Bowl Weekend

Super Bowl Weekend in Detroit was a lot of fun. It was the first weekend of February 2006 and my friends came out to paint the town red. Here are some random pictures of the city, as it prepared for the huge weekend.


A couple of years ago, a building was being torn down to make room for a parking lot just in time for Super Bowl Weekend. This is located right in Downtown Detroit's Harmonie Park. These pictures were taken from my job's parking garage.
I threw in one of my favorite pics... it's a streetlight that was taken down due to the construction in the area.

Detroit: Up Close & Personal pt. 2

Here are more pictures of misc things in the city:

This is the Detroit Athletic Club. It's a private, city club (country club minus the golf course):
This is a local bar in Harmonie Park...Coaches Corner:
This is a small theatre for plays & various productions:

Home of Tigers Baseball

Skyline of Detroit from the Detroit River:
The Renaissance Center...Home of GM Headquarters:

Detroit: Up Close & Personal

I'm no photographer. But for some reason, I feel the need to take my camera with me where ever I go. Just in case there is a perfect picture opportunity. Or, I may like the way something looks so abstract that I may snap an impromptu picture. I especially love taking my camera downtown on a nice Saturday. Well, here are some miscellaneous pictures of some things in and around Detroit.

This is a ring that symbolizes the manugacturing industry of Detroit (I think):
Renaissance Center
This is the Ambassador Bridge that connects Canada to the USA:

This is Casino Windsor shot from the Detroit River:
This is the Fountain in the new Campus Martius Park
This is an bldg in which will be available for loft living in the near future:

This is a Harmonie Park bar/lounge:

Sassy Saturdays

I swear I posted something yesterday. I guess it didn't go through because Blogger was on its period at the time. Figures.

Anyway, I saw Idlewild last night.

It was decent. You have to have an open imagination when you go see it. It blends eras, music, visuals and acting. You have talent such as Terrance Howard, Ben Vereen and Ving Rhames, then you have mediocre acting talent such as Big Boi. Yeah, I said it. He's no thespian, that's for sure. Andre was okay...I'll give him a little more credit since he has more acting experience under his belt. Macy Gray usually does a good job playing drunk. Actually, that's how she "acts" most times she's on tv for some reason or another, anyway.
You have to keep in mind that the movie was directed by Bryan Barber, so the cinemetography was...interesting. Actually, the cinemetography was innovative and nice. But there were other strange things that might remind you of their video for "Ms Jackson" and "Morris Brown". I mean, it was entertaining...as is their videos. It was typical OutKast.

I don't really have much else planned for the weekend. I trimmed our privacy fence this morning and cut away weeds, etc that come through the fence from the neighbor's yard. I now, have welts and scratches on my arms from the top of the fence. Since they obviously don't know the first thing about lawn care, I stood in a chair and leaned over the fence to cut some tall, tree-like weeds down. It's so nice out (not too hot) and I want to do something outside. I haven't seen my Goddaughter much at all this summer, so I called my cousin and suggested we go to the zoo. I know it's last minute, and she was even willing to go, but they close at 5 today and she & the kids had some other running around to do first, so I don't think we're going to make that at all. SHe said maybe we could do something else, but other than that, I can't think of anything else that I'd want to do with 3 kids, so I think the opportunity has passed. There's only so many times you can go to Chuck E. Cheese and I'm not trying to do that today when it's so nice out.

So maybe I'll get caught up with magazines today (Essence, VIbe)

Friday, August 25, 2006

Save Room!

The 3-Time Grammy winner, John Legend is back, y'all!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Hook a Sista Up!

Friends, Fam & Passersby,

I am in need of flight assistance! I know there are tons of lower-rate flight search sites out there and I've visited some, statravel.com, cheaptickets.com, expedia, travelocity, priceline, orbitz, cheapo.com, etc. If you know of any others, please drop them in the comments below.


On the Jungle Floor with Van Hunt

I should have blogged about this a long time ago. Earlier in the spring, on Mother's Day, to be exact, I went to see Van Hunt live. I had been anticipating the show since I've been a supporter of his ever since his debut. BOTH his CDs, and are items that all fans of the real soul music should have in their possession. According to Van, though, he makes pop music more than soul. Go figure. Needless to say, the show was a hell of an experience. If you haven't been to a Van Hunt show, you need to make it your business to be there.

I had the pleasure of Interviewing Van for BrownGurl Magazine

Here are some pictures from the show:

"Get Prayed Up"

This is one funny man:

His act is a bit much, but I like the guy, though :-)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Okay, okay, it's been a few weeks... make that about a month and a half and I haven't posted anything. I did it again. I fell off. Well, I'll post up again real soon. My 10 yr Class reunion just took place! Damn I'm old...sike. It was a great time.

Hmm, what's on my posting agenda? Maybe a few pics of moi! Oooh, ooh, I know...I have some pics of the Detroit Skyline and Ambassador Bridge (that connects the US to Canada). I'll post those tomorrow and maybe some other stuff.

Til then, folks. Folks = the 2 people that might pass through here by mistake. Ha!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Build it up!

I've been having the urge to hear this song...so I downloaded it. Then, I found the video (I heart Youtube).

Shout out to my girl, Nikki, who said
I always wondered why they shot that video in a cave in a park

Funny stuff.

Dammit, I was on a roll

But guess who's back?

I've been on lock at work, stressed and PMS-ed (had to make it rhyme somehow), so I haven't been giving much attention to this thing. I don't really have a damn thing to say, so I guess I'll ramble.

* May the lil bastards down the street go to hell with their plastic motorcycles. About 5 or 6 tween negroes were standing around in the stree--nevermind the cars that NEED the street--hovering around their funky lil motorcycles. Tell you what...stand in my way, if you want to, when I'm on my way home from a LONG day at work. THEN, they're all on cell phones. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING TO?? All your lil croanies are RIGHT THERE. Hmph. Then, to top it all off, they take off zooming up & down the street. Danger is soon to follow, I'm sure. That'll learn them a lesson.

*I'm excited about having some days off next week. I'm going to kick it with my homies in Ohio. I'm NOT excited about having to get "ahead of the game" at work. My job is very deadline based, so I'll be hauling ass for the next few days since I'll be off Weds-Fri. I'm also not excited about missing the fun & action on C+D. It's a hellish job trying to play catch up...then you miss all the jokes. Fun times.

I think that's all I have. I need a drink, so I'll be handling that, then pay a couple of bills, then just hang out online a lil bit.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Peanut Butter Jelly With A Baseball Bat


This made me go out and buy some of this today.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Diddy & Bentley

Here are pictures of the babies:

<--- Diddy

<--- Bentley

Yes, Diddy & Bentley. See, when I "found" Diddy, I initially called him "Kitty". But when we took him in, got his shots, got him neutered so his piss wouldn't stink, I figured he'd need a REAL name. So he wouldn't be confused, I went with the next best thing to "Kitty" and that was "Diddy".

Here's Diddy when he was just an outsider hanging around the house:

I adopted Diddy when I still had Spicey:

Spicey passed away, so we needed to get a buddy for Diddy. I adopted another kitten by the name of "Seiko" from a local pet shelter in conjunction with Pet Smart. I quickly changed his name. Guess what I changed it to?

Yes. I changed his name to Bentley. I think "Making the Band" with the thugs was on. What were they called? "Da Band" or some shit like that.

Anyway, here's MY Bentley:

I found this picture of him from the shelter's listings. They hadn't taken him off the list, yet, and I found a picture of him as a baby.

<--- would you look at those ears! awwww

It took Diddy a while to warm up to Bentley. They're about a year and a half apart. It's such a big brother/little step-brother situation. Diddy doesn't want to be bothered half the time, but he entertains Bentley. They groom each other (allo-grooming), play together, run around the house, etc. They get along very well for the most part.

They're not always cuddled up. And when they are, Diddy's the unwilling party. Diddy usually minds his business, trying to be "the man" and Bentley is the cuddler. It's sooo cute, but I imagine it's annoying as hell to Diddy.

Although cats' faces are always expressionless, Bentley always looks "happy to be there" and Diddy always looks...bothered.

I've always been a pet person. I've been a dog person for the longest, but for some reason, these SCATS (what I used to call cats to my dog) have come into my life. Hell, I have more patience for pets than I do people. People can bite me. But I'll fight a kid (yeah, the lil products of a broken condom next door) for my Diddy & Bentley.