Tuesday, February 27, 2007


You know how when you run, walk fast, walk up stairs, or any movement in which you over-exert yourself, you breathe heavier, your body warms up, your heart rate is higher, etc. But once you slow down and relax, that all changes. You calm down, you cool off, your heart rate goes back to a normal pace. Well, every morning, a man in my office, who takes the stairs everywhere he goes, comes in as if he's had 10 cups of coffee and he's warm. He opens his office door, which does have computers & such in it, so they have probably generated heat, but while he still has his coat on, he comes out front to adjust the thermostat. I might as well keep on my fucking coat. It's FEBRUARY, about to be MARCH, in Michigan, so it's cold no matter what. The engineers in this building act like they don't know what heat is, so it's constantly cool, which is fine...but now, it's COLD. While I'm only 28, sometimes, I DO have hot flashes, but dammit, I'm not menopausal. And I'm not the only one who's cold throughout the day. My co-worker on the other side of my cube is constantly cold and she wears a big sweater. As a matter of fact, let me put my sweater on. But midday, I swear, my fingers are going to be so cold that I can't even type. He's not even IN the office the whole day. He's in & out and we have to suffer the cold. That's okay...when the lady that sits at the front desk goes to lunch or steps away from her desk, I'm changing the thermostat back, dammit.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Morning Road Rage

Woman allegedly shoots at driver during road rage incident
By Cortney Casey
C & G Staff Writer

HARRISON TOWNSHIP — A struggle for dominance on the freeway became shockingly violent Feb. 21, after a woman allegedly pulled a gun on another driver in what the police have dubbed a case of road rage.

According to the Macomb County Sheriff’s Department, Macomb Township resident Bernadette Headd, 39, and a 46-year-old New Baltimore man, whose name has not been released, were “jockeying for position” on westbound I-94 near North River Road at about 8:10 a.m. Feb. 21 when the incident occurred.

Headd reportedly told police that she was merging onto I-94 from Hall Road when the New Baltimore man came close to the rear bumper of her Chevrolet Cavalier. She allegedly proceeded to pull alongside the man’s Dodge Ram pickup truck, aim a semi-automatic handgun at the man, and fire one round at the Ram’s tires.

Capt. Tony Wickersham said the bullet did not strike the vehicle, and police were not able to locate it as they investigated the incident.

“The roadway was very busy that morning and … fog was also there, so it made trying to look for it almost impossible at that time,” he said.

The victim managed to maneuver behind Headd’s vehicle and follow her until he spotted a sheriff’s deputy, at which time Headd was taken into custody. Nobody was injured, and deputies recovered the firearm from her vehicle, according to police.

“This could have been a much (more) dangerous situation if she would have shot at the driver and driver loses control of the vehicle, or if she would have made contact with the tire and blew that tire out, that vehicle could have lost control and we could have had quite a traffic crash out there with injuries,” said Wickersham.

Headd was arraigned Feb. 21 at Clinton Township’s 41-B District Court on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and discharge of a firearm from a motor vehicle, both four-year felonies, as well as a two-year felony firearm charge. Her bond was set at $50,000 cash or surety.

Wickersham said he’s heard of and received reports of altercations of road rage in which drivers have exchanged threats or obscene gestures, but never anything like this.

“This is the first time we’ve seen it where the individual got so upset that they actually pulled out a gun and fired a round at another vehicle,” he said.

Wow. And I thought I had road rage bad.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

CP Time

I'm late. In real life, I'm a stickler for time. I like to get to things early, I hate creeping into something already in session, I arrive early for appointments, etc. But in terms of blogging....I'm late. My last post was September 2006 and so many things have changed since then....well, not really. But alot of time has passed. Like holidays...yeah, holidays have passed, a new year is upon us, Superbowl has taken place, James Brown has died, Anna Nicole has died, neither are buried yet, though. Talk about CP time.

So I see blogger has changed...see how much I know. I'll have to get with the program at some point and make lil cutesy labels & shit for my blogs. I'm sure "complaints" will be one of them because I have alot of complaints about alot of things.

I'm excited today because the Academy Awards are on tonight. I've been parading around the house in my Oscar best as I prepare for the evening's event. Of course, I'll be pulling for J. Hud to win the Best Supporting Actress award. There's no excuse for the award to go to anyone else. I have FedEx on standby if rootboxes need to be sent out after all.

I'm watching E!'s Red Carpet preview special which has been on since 1 pm today. Debbie Matenopoulous annoys me a great deal. I love, love, LOVE Jay Manuel, though. I've got the sparkling white zinfandel on chill for the start of the show.
So again, I close this post with the promise of posting more. I'll have to make it a habit to maybe drop a post during the workday or something, just in case I don't go online from home. After working all day on a computer fooling around on C+D all day, sometimes I'd rather not go online from home at all. But yes... here's the obligatory "promise" to blog more. Bear with me folks. Thank you, I love you, buhbye.