Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Did You Have a Good Weekend?

"Yes and you?"

That's usually how Mondays...or in this case, Tuesday mornings are after the weekend. People around here ask the yes/no question of "Did you have a good weekend?" and I reply "yes and you?" although, I really don't care. My ass is just not chipper in the morning. Actually, I'm ANTI-MORNING. I don't come in singing "Good Morning" and kicking my heels. I slide in quietly, hoping to not say much to anybody until well after NOON. I sit quietly at my desk (which is around a corner, fully cubed off) hoping people don't even notice I'm here. I tense up when I hear certain footsteps or voices approaching my cube. Yes, it's that bad. (Pray for me). I'm fully awake and up & at em by 5pm, when it's time to LEAVE. Other than that, I need folks to kick rocks. Now, there ARE a couple people I don't mind chatting with throughout the day. They're cool peeps...but other than that, beat it!
Also, must people be so loud in the office? If you're trying to be funny by being loud and "extra", but nobody is finding it funny, then you should probably lay off before you get cursed out.
Here is my ode to the office cube:

Enough about offices... for anyone who cares, I did have a good weekend.

Friday, I went to a step show to kick off the Detroit Football Classic weekend. Saturday, I went Targeting and Sam's Clubbing. It was damp and ugly Saturday, so that's pretty much all I did. Sunday, I went to Arts, Beats & Eats for some jazz and good eats. Monday, I went to the Detroit Jazz Festival and had a heavenly Funnel Cake.

So that is the recap of my weekend.