Saturday, September 15, 2007

Chill Homie

This stuff isn't half bad. It's lighter than your average "light" beer (read: flat)...which is fine for me, because I'm not too much of a beer drinker (all those calories!) It's a girly beer and you can taste the lime. It's like the poor man's Corona. Cheers!


I've only been to one Tigers Game in my entire life. I've never really been interested in going, but last weekend, my girls invited me to go (see "Lessons in Beer Drinking post) and I had alot of fun! I'm not into baseball, but just being there, deep in the excitement of it all was great. I do, however work in a building right next to Comerica Park, so I see it all the time. Since I love to take my camera out & about with me, you know I have tons of pics of the stadium.

Friday, September 14, 2007


I call myself a "fake photographer" meaning I have no kind of photog training, but I love taking my camera out & about and snapping what I can. If it looks random, pretty, busy, whatever...I may take a picture. Yep, that's my camera in the pic above.

Here are some of my shots:

Welcome to Hart Plaza--Downtown Detroit

These are all pretty much the same thing--The Hart Plaza Dodge Fountain:

Plus this Ring sculpture:

Here is a picture of the Detroit Princess Boat:

Here are a few shots of the General Motors Headquarters, housed in the Renaissance Center:

I'll include shots of the home of the Detroit Tigers in my next post.

Birthday Season

Wednesday (the 12th) was Linda's birthday! I'm so upset I missed bar night, Tuesday. I was lounging around the house, starting to exercise and realized that I had missed several test messages inviting me to an impromptu bar crawl. My girl got pretty wasted on a Tuesday night. Good girl!

But on her actual birthday, Wednesday, we went out to eat at J. Alexander's...

Here are more pictures from the evening:

Birthday Girl, Linda

I gave her this pin, "Aged to Perfection". She's my elder now, gotta show some respect :-)

Lori & Linda

Nikki & Linda

Linda & Ed

Dinner was great and she had fun! She was surprised by a couple of her other girlfriends that came out for the evening and we snuck a cake into the restaurant without her even knowing.


RoRo, Sean, Linda, Ed, 1/2 of Dave ("sorry bro")

Nikki, Linda, Natalie, Jessica, Lori

Next up is Lori's Birthday, then mine. Lookout for those pics...mwahahahha *rubs hands together*

Monday, September 10, 2007

Lessons in Beer Drinking

I had a blast this weekend...2nd weekend in a row!
Mad love to my girls, Linda & Lori:

We went to the Tigers game Saturday night. But before the game, we went to Coaches Corner for drinks & a good bar burger.

But back to the lessons in beer drinking...As we devoured our huge burgers, I had a Mike's Hard Lemonade and the girls had Bud Light. We each had 2 rounds and wanted more of a least I did. I think they already had a slight buzz. Anyway, we decided to have a beer guzzling contest...from a STRAW for a quicker buzz. Bad idea. We sipped and sipped until it felt like we swallowed a small glass jar. The best thing to do next was to belch, but not only did it hurt, it felt like that burger was going to come back up, as well. Needless to say, I LOST.

I haven't had a beer in months! I've been on the diet thing, so I cut beer out because it has SO many calories. As the loser, I had to buy a round of $8.50 beers at the stadium, but we were so full, we couldn't stomach another beer.

We did have tons of fun. We weren't *completely* into the game, but we clapped & cheered when we were supposed to. We had funny people behind us who kept sneaking into our pictures.

We tried desperately to take the picture on our own, but it kept coming out like this:

But anyway, we had a blast!