Thursday, February 14, 2008

$801 Bob!

You know what used to irk me? When contestants on The Price is Right ask Bob (I know he's not the host anymore) the amount the last contestant gave and then wager one dollar more.

This occured to me tonight while watching Jeopardy.

Both guys got the "question", but one wagered just enough to beat the first guy by $2. TWO DOLLARS. That's enough to make somebody want to beat ass. Could you imagine a brawl poppin off right on Jeopardy? But it made my mother & I reminisce back to when people used to be on the Price is Right and ask Bob the last bid--say for example, $800, then they go and bid $801. Then, the retail price ends up being like...$825, then the "one dollar more" person has won. That's just rude.
You gon ask about MY wager, then bid ONE dollar more...and WIN?!? Nah, playa....ain't goin down like that.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nigglature in Motion

I ate lunch with Telma Hopkins!

Okay, not really. It was a day in which we were served hot bowls of "nothing good" at work, so my co-worker & I decided to go for a chilly walk up the street to Hunter House in Harmonie Park. She had a taste for their sliders and I wanted their turkey burger. Before we left, she leaned over and asked if I thought the lady in the corner booth was that woman from Family Matters... she couldn't think of her name, but for whatever reason, I blurted out "Telma Hopkins? The other lady in Tony Orlando & Dawn?"

Sure enough, after listening to the voice, the woman with the bandana doo-rag on her head, and track suit, was in fact, Telma Hopkins of Family Matters, Gimme a Break and Tony Orlando & Dawn, and most recently, Half & Half fame. We then wondered what she was doing in town. After returning to work, I googled some things and found out that she was actually raised in Detroit, by her grandmother. But that's not why she was here.

You all know of those plays that start out with, "Mama, I wanna _____________"
It could be "Mama, I wanna sing!" or "Mama, I wanna act" or something. Or it could be one of those Je'Caryous Johnson plays or a Tyler Perry play, anything typical of a "chitlin circuit" tour... Well, the latest one is Rumors with George Wilbourne, LeToya Luckett, and Telma Hopkins.

Eh, I don't know what it's about, but you can check out the link above for info on it, if you please.

Drink Up!

So, like I mentioned in the post below, my friends & I have been experimenting with various drink recipes. I think we're going to make it a habit to venture out and try different drink concoctions. Our latest adventure has been to perfect the Bomb Pop.
It's really simple and it tastes and looks JUST like a bomb pop. Well, our color order may be off, but dammit, you get the point.

1. Take a tall glass and fill with ice.
2. Add ONE (tall) shot of UV Blue Vodka
3. Fill the rest of glass with Lemonade
4. Top off with a touch of grenadine (red, of course)

The grenadine actually sinks to the bottom, but the presentation is still beautiful and it tastes perfect.

After falling in love with this wild berry martini at a martini bar outing this weekend, we are currently trying to perfect the drink. Between 2 of us, we tried to remember the contents that we read on the menu. We think it's Strawberry dacquiri mix, blueberry vodka, cranberry juice and maybe Sprite. It's really best to blend the items and make it slushy, otherwise the dacquiri mix will kill you with it's sugary goodness. SO, we threw the items together in a tall glass, tossed it in the blender and voila! We concocted the drink to the best of our ability. We'll play around with it some more, though, to perfect it.

Do you have any drink suggestions?

Singing My Heart Out!

I've never performed in a karaoke bar. I've never sung before any crowd...but let me tell you. I've never had so much fun playing Singstar on Playstation 2!! THAT's why I'm not online that much anymore...I actually have found other things to do and people to do them with. So, my homies, Ed, Linda & Lori and I sing every weekend and sometimes nights during the week. Okay, so we can't get enough of it! We'll concoct drinks, make or buy dinner (always healthy!) and sing!

We started out with SingStar 80s, then we got Singstar Pop. I always thought I had an expansive knowledge of music, but I definitely learned some newer pop/alternative songs that I never would have listened to before, on my own free will. Now, when I hear certain songs & groups, like "Panic! At the Disco" and their song "I write sins, not tragedies", I'll listen to it and jam to it because I may have to sing it in a couple of days. Songs that I often listen to, like Alicia Keys' "Fallin" seem 10 times harder to me because I'm being graded on it. Oh yeah, I can jam in the car...but try to follow the bars and get it 100% correct and you'll see what I mean. Who knew Rihanna's "S.O.S." and Natasha Bedingfield's "These Words" would be so fast & difficult to keep up with?? Then, there are the sure fire, easy ones like Hoobastank's "The Reason" (which I LOVE!!) and Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance with Somebody". Between the 80's and Pop versions of this game, my friend's neighbors should want to evict them from the block, our voices should be permanently hoarse and we should know just about every song word-for-word.

This weekend, we got American Idol's Karaoke Revolution. It doesn't have the video feature which I love about Singstar--while you sing, they play the actual video of the song in the background of the lyrics. AIKR is more of a cartoon concert performance in which you can compete in front of judges or not, you can choose your performance venue, dress your character--almost like the Sims. It's alot of fun, too... the songs are not directly from the artist (someone is singing the song in the likeness of the artists), but it's still alot of fun. There's a wide variety of songs and some good up-to-date tracks to choose from.

So, it may sound corny, but hell, it's aLOT of fun. Get some alcohol flowing and let the competition begin, cause believe DO manage to get extra cunty and competitive during the game. Just wait until we get another AIKR microphone!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Well Damn! Late as usual...

I've even missed the Lunar New Year. (Happy year of the Rat!)

Again, I'm about to get back on the wagon and blog some more. I don't have TOO much exciting stuff to tell, but I have some updates on what I've been up to and what I have coming up for this year.

You just wait & see! I really will...