Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fill in, One Repair

So...I go to get my nails done yesterday. I'm broke as a joke, but my hands needed help. I was overdue for a fill-in and had a broken/jagged nail. The manager guy, aka Head Master sent me to this girl...a rather new chick. I've been getting my nails done at that particular place for the past year & a half and she just started a couple months ago. I usually have my fav people there or if I don't know the person, I'm not open to going to them for my nails. But I didn't argue with the mgr when he sent me to her (I could have requested someone else if I preferred)...

So, chick is doing my nails and I decide that I'd like one of her nail decorations instead of my usual marble design:

I had this nice, green color that I envisioned on my hands. I purchased it myself and took it into the nail salon:

When I told her which nail art design I wanted, she asked if I wanted 2 or 10. Ten nails of that particular design (a painted on flower with squiggly lines & dots) would be tacky as hell...and I told her. I just wanted two fingers--both pointer fingers, then full color on the others. She said..."half nail...half nail is byootifool". I thought...heh, yeah, sure, let's do half. So, I let her talk me into doing a half nail. Fast foward to when she was about to actually paint my nails. I tried to back out and say I didn't want half. Well, I did, actually, and she replied with another, "Aww, but half nail is byootifool". I let her do it. It was all uneven and her idea of half was more like 1/4 of green on each nail. She put the design on the two fingers, then got up for something...when she came back, I told her that I didn't want to debate the matter anymore and that I HATED the half green on my nails. *sniff....sniff* Do I detect attitude in this chick? She pursed her lips and took a deep sigh. I went on to say that I'm the customer, so I thought...and it's about what I want on my nails, not about what you think is "byootifool". I'm the one who has to look at this for the next 2 weeks. She says "okay, okay..." So she reluctantly takes off my "half" nails. She apparently injured herself while working on the person before me, so the polish remover was burning her. Serves the cunt right. While she's doing it, she's still giving lip saying that it would look so much better with a half nail. I told her I've had half nail designs before, but this particular time, I want whole nail. Why the hell am I still arguing with this chick?
While she's polishing my whole nails, she first says, "Okay?" I said..."it's what I've been asking since I've been here, so yes, okay." She then concurs that it looks nice.
So, I've already decided that I don't ever want her to touch my nails again. I don't want her to so much as glance at my hands when I walk in the door. I will be telling the manager next time he tries to send me to her, too. She asks for my name...I said "my name is Nikki"...she says, "Monkey???" I said..."NO, Nikki". she laughed and said "ohhhh". So, we're done with my nails and I went to get my upper lip waxed. Yes, my upper lip, gotta problem with that? LOL! While doing so, she starts tinkering with my eyebrow and says, "I do eyebrow for you"--I guess to make up for my being upset earlier. Whatever. Like I said, you better not even glance at my hands the next time I walk in that door. Kelly.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Congratulations...It's a GIRL!!!

So, after a week-long search, I finally found her. I had been scouring Petfinders.com and Craigslist until I finally found the perfect pup!

Her name is Missy. She's adoooorrrrrable!! A bouncing bundle of joy!

Problem is...my cats are giving me the gasface. It's going to take a minute for them to adjust and welcome her into their lives. She's dying to play with them, though...but they're not ready. They're pretty much in WTF mode. Like this:

But she's soooooooo cute! They'll get used to it. How can they resist this??