Saturday, November 26, 2005

A Long Time Comin...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving.

It's been 18 days since I've posted.

This is why I was so slow to pick up on the blog thing.

Hmm, so much has happened, where do I begin? I went to Chicago on November 17th, then traveled with my girl, Nikki, to Milwaukee to see John Legend & his amazing band perform. Props to him and his entire crew for a wonderful show and great hospitality.

My childhood best friend has lymphoma and has overcome several chemotherapy treatments, but the most recent one was stronger and more intense. It zapped her immune system and she is on a respirator. Her kidneys are failing and the Doctors don't even know what to do anymore at this point. It truly saddens me to see someone who was so close to me, but is still close to my heart, near death. I could not stomach the sight I saw today in intensive care. It was very frightening, but I'm praying for her recovery. She's strong and I know she'll pull through.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Making G.O.O.D. use of Boredom

It's the first Unofficial Fan Site for John Legend. Visit the site to learn all about John, his upcoming tour dates and tv appearances and see previous footage and pictures of him & his amazing band.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Please visit , a brand new online magazine for, but not limited to brown gurls between the ages of 16-26.

Happy Anniversary

Wow, overall, the show was great! A highlight was John's performance. Although it didn't MOVE me like most of his performances do, it was nice.

Rosa Parks was laid to rest this evening. Her funeral services were held earlier today.

Such an amazing program this afternoon, from what I understand.

People were waiting since 6 pm yesterday to get inside the church. It started somewhere between 11:30 and noon and lasted until around 6pm today. It lasted so long, because there were SO many dignataries there, a lot who were supposed to be there and a lot who were not *on the program* (Mrs. Clinton, Barack Obama, etc).

The procession started with a horse drawn hearse, but in the interest of time, they switched to one of those old fashioned Cadillac hearses.

There is a parade of people following the caravan of limos and cars in the processional, as well as people lining the streets all the way to the cemetary (which is a straight shot down 7 Mile Rd.)

It's been broadcast on tv all day. It's very amazing to watch. I should be out there, but that's a take-the-day-off-work type of deal that I should have planned ahead for. There are school classes that were out there as a class project.

I'll regret not being out there to witness such history.

Why the hell is ANTM a recap show tonight??

CDs I bought today:

Eh, I pretty much don't feel like typing much else. I'll holla...