Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Miami here I come!

Oh yes. Memorial Day Weekend.

This is the year of turning 30. My girl's birthday is in May and we're doing it big in the MIA. I've only been to Miami once and that was just to board my cruise ship. This time, I'll have the chance to hit the streets.

Coincidentally, I've started watching CSI: Miami and...LOVE IT!! I watched it one night a couple months ago and have really gotten into it.

Anyway, we'll be staying at the Savoy Hotel right on Ocean Drive.

Just last week, MTV Jams was celebrating "MIA Week" and were showing videos from the major Miami players:

DJ "We Da Best" Khaled

Rick "Can't Understand Too Much of What He's Saying" Ross

Katrina LaVerne


Trick "Luh da Kids" Daddy

The producing team, Cool & Dre

and then by association, we can't forget:

Fat Joe

Lil Wayne aka Weezy F. Baby (Please say the Baby)

I actually like all of them together. DJ Khaled hasn't missed with me, yet. He manages to make T-Pain and Akon tolerable. One of my favorites is We Takin Over

I'm So Hood was nice and the remix is nicer

Anyway, I can't wait! I'm hoping to meet up with my internet partner in all kinds of crime, Q

HOW could I forget to mention the place that everybody's been talking about. I've heard so much about this place from far & wide...especially about the "Call a Cab" joint. Wet Willie's is apparently the place to be.

And I will be there..."Callin a Cab" and everything.


Qucifer said...
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Qucifer said...

*delighted seal clap* YEEESSS I don't even acknowledge all the coonery masters aforementioned BUT...I sure will be looking forward to having us some dranks and acting a foolish mess.... which reminds me... maybe i should kick my work out in gear!

LibraGurl said...

Girl, I KNOW I need to plant my ass in the gym EVERY day until my trip to catch my workout hiatus up. I fell of hard and have gained some weight back :-(

Qucifer said...

I know... keep strong homes I'm on a cleanse, I'll tell you about this shit ONLY if it works